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Dog Security Richmond

Dog Security Richmond

Dog Security Richmond

Welcome to Dogs in Action Services Ltd, a professional Security Dog Company providing Uniformed handlers and trained dogs in Richmond, Croydon and South London.

It is an established fact (with which the Police will concur) that a trained security dog and handler is unequalled when used to discourage criminal activity. There are many approaches to personal, public, domestic and commercial security. However, even the most sophisticated alarm and protection systems can be overridden and anyway, by the time back-up has arrived on the scene the damage has already been done. Knowing that the culprits may be apprehended later on is of little consolation.

So security with a trained dog can offer the protection that you are looking for. Whether it's for commercial sites, construction sites or schools, we can help.

Dog Security with Handler Croydon

Dogs In Action Services Ltd has a wealth of experience in the industry and all of our dog handlers and dogs are trained and vetted to a very high standard. We believe that our security service is second to none. So for a efficient cost effective solution. Call us for a free quote.


Security Dog Companies South London

Our highly professional Security Dog Company is fully insured and we are members the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) and The National Trade Register(NTR). In addition to our accreditations, our security dogs handlers all have their SIA Licence as required by law and are fully insured.

We are one of the leading Security Dog Companies in the UK, So look no further than Dogs in Action Services Ltd: your first choice for dog security in Richmond, Croydon and South London.

Crime will cost you more than our services.